Dec 222014
2015 Free Printable Family Calendar by Vita Di Mamma is here!

  Hi everyone! Christmas is coming and 2015 is just around the corner! What a better way for me to enjoy the festive season than giving all my friend readers a special gift? Vita di Mamma 2015 Printable Family Calendar !   You can download it for free just subscribing to Vita di Mamma’ s [… Continue reading …]

The true story of Christmas

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Nov 292012
The true story of Christmas

I will never cease to be amazed by the ability of the Bible to speak to, in millions of different levels, in hundreds of different languages and being able to answer the same questions that men have been asking themselves from the dawn of time. Over the years, our children have had access to some [… Continue reading …]

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DIY Advent Calendar

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Nov 272012
DIY Advent Calendar

Nothing makes more Christmas season than the Advent calendar! And there’s no real and true Advent calendar if there isn’t an everyday surprise and a chocolate gift! Actually, we have never been so much interested in the ready-made ones, we highly prefer the DIY ones. That’s why, since my children were just babies, we made [… Continue reading …]

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Practicing gratitude

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Nov 262012
Practicing gratitude

As every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, in a huge part of Western culture, and mostly in the United States of America, people celebrated Thanksgiving. Although I don’t belong to the American culture, so different from mine, I have been feeling very close to that ceremony and to the profound meaning it has [… Continue reading …]

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Digitizing memories

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Nov 122012
Digitizing memories

Since the school years of childhood, but perhaps to think of it, even while those of the nest, our house was invaded daily by a huge amount of paper , under different forms of touching, vibrant, beautiful and eclectic art forms of expression. The initial joy and the miraculous feeling of being able to touch, [… Continue reading …]

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Less meat…at our table!

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Nov 062012
Less our table!

For a certain period of time, I have been vegetarian. The reasons why I have been, continue to be the same ones why, after some time, I came back to be omnivorous : the respect of the species killed and the uniqueness of their life, the care of my personal and my loved ones’ health [… Continue reading …]

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Oct 292012
Cloth diapers: our first eight months

It’s been a while I plan to update the progress here on our experience with cloth diapers. In fact 8 months now abundant that we use them. Our experience is overwhelmingly positive. We do not feel the slightest lack of disposable, though, I must admit, I continue to still be a little surprised. I am [… Continue reading …]

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Homemade hazelnut chocolate cream

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Sep 102012
Homemade hazelnut chocolate cream

Everybody likes chocolate cream….and my children do as well. For a long time, one of my most challenging cooking struggles has been feeding them mindfully and thoughtfully without making them feel the “About a boy” syndrome (do you remember that the mother “healthy” homemade bread was thrown in the park lake by her child and [… Continue reading …]

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Sep 032012

As someone rightly pointed out, September is the true New Year . Moment in which, even more than earlier this year, we focus on the good intentions of new projects on different attitudes. September for us in the family, is particularly rich in changes : a son who will make the jump to the elementary [… Continue reading …]

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