Homemade hazelnut chocolate cream

Everybody likes chocolate cream….and my children do as well.

For a long time, one of my most challenging cooking struggles has been feeding them mindfully and thoughtfully without making them feel the “About a boy” syndrome (do you remember that the mother “healthy” homemade bread was thrown in the park lake by her child and killed the duck?)

For me, one of the foods that can emblematically embrace the wise compromise between “healthy” and “social convenience” is Nutella.

So, proud to fight the system, I let my children eat … our own version of it!

It all begun as an interesting experiment, but I can tell, since that day, that chocolate cream has become our favorite, overtaking the most widespread one!

So this is “my” version:

[gmc_recipe 1975]

It’s been told it could last more than 15-20 days, if well refrigerated…but somehow we don’t know by our own experience!


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As someone rightly pointed out, September is the true New Year .
Moment in which, even more than earlier this year, we focus on the good intentions of new projects on different attitudes.

September for us in the family, is particularly rich in changes : a son who will make the jump to the elementary school, another who will begin the third class, the dreaded third, in which, it is said , he began to study seriously, with a lot of lessons to be repeated!
For another September will be the month in which definitively abandon the stage of infant and starts getting more of the daily rhythms from their rhythmic inclinations and taste of the game, and last but not least, the routine of school older brothers.

It ‘also the month of my (partial for now) return to work: an important time of growth for all of us, in which I put to the test again and experiment on what terms is possible to reconcile the different areas and the different roles of my personal and family life.

After the birth of baby in February, actually this is the first time when everyone in the family, rushes towards new challenges to conquer new balance outside of our family .

Nothing can guarantee that the result will be entirely positive. None of us can be sure that their forecasts of mind, their rational calculations, that their expectations illusory, have any hope of matching with the reality of the facts. And that each of us is actually ready for the leap that awaits him.

I’ll be fine in the new school? Will I be able to learn many new things? Will I be able to still be a good mother? We made the right decision for our family? We will nevertheless a happy family

These are the questions that haunt these days in our souls as we speak, and quarrel, while we watch each other without being noticed.

To these questions we did not answer yet. We are on the edge and wait for the time to jump.
But one thing is certain: that there will never be a right time for this, a time when we will be better prepared, in which we will be more sure of ourselves or we will be ready.

Sometimes you have to take off and let it teach us how to open your wings and learn to fly.

And maybe understand that those obstacles that seemed insurmountable are then overcome and feasible, and instead discover that what we thought was rather exciting and challenging for anything in line with their values and their dreams.

What is certain is that much of what we have experienced until now, in this summer ‘long, full, adventurous, exciting, and in other ways extremely difficult and tiring, soon will be completely different.

Why change is the only real constant in our lives and to oppose it or fear it, not serves to distort our true essence and impoverishing the sense of our passage in this life.

“… Because I do not hope, I have faith.” writes a great poet of our times.

Then choose to store again at the top of my questions and those of my loved ones. I choose to rely on the infinite knowledge our little snarls soul and look confident that the reality of the facts illuminate the horizon that is already looming before us.