Being a mom isn’t just that easy: for many women is more usually a never-ending source of stress and frustration than of joy and personal satisfaction. Exhausted by the aim of being often on top of a model that doesn’t really belong us, we struggle everyday with sense of duty, guilt and inadequacy; with unreachable and imaginary role models and self-inflicted comparisons, usually at our own disadvantage. But I really think that it is always possible to switch off the auto-pilot and to drive back our lives to the destination of what is really essential for us. In fact, despite the chaos and the prevailing confusion that embraces us most of the times, I am truly convinced we moms can surely learn to enjoy our daily family life with pleasure and satisfaction.

My name is Ludovica and being a mom is my passion.

My first goal is to line up my real life with my inner values and priorities, overtaking harmful perfectionism and my natural reluctance of delegating, to focusing on my children’s graceful growth and on sharpening deeply family relationships.

This is the place where I have chosen to share what I have learnt and I am still learning about this (usually) wonderful , but always amazing mom’s adventure: practical resources, thoughts and reading suggestions to face the daily challenges our children bring upon us, with an intentional and professional approach.

This is my e-mail address info@vitadimamma.it