DIY Advent Calendar

Nothing makes more Christmas season than the Advent calendar!

And there’s no real and true Advent calendar if there isn’t an everyday surprise and a chocolate gift!
Actually, we have never been so much interested in the ready-made ones, we highly prefer the DIY ones.
That’s why, since my children were just babies, we made our own versions of it.

This is our newest.
If you wonder how to to make it, here’s a tutorial.
Let’s go sewing!


– about 10 m red ribbon
-about 3 m rick rack
– red thread
– about 110-120 cm of fabric (exceeded measure)
– Your own choice of colored felt numbers from 1 to 25, or some scraps of felt, to make your own appliqued numbers
Or, if you prefer painting to sewing, glittered fabric paint crayons.
– about 2m of thick twine
– 25 funny clothes pin

Step 1

Cut 10×20 cm 25 fabric pieces (fist make 5 20×10 cm strips, then cut every strip in 10 20×10 cm rectangles)

Step 2

On the piece of felt scrap, trace numbers silhouettes on the felt scrap. Or, just paint the numbers on half of the rectangles with the glittered crayons.

Step 3

Sew the rick-rack on the upper and shorter side of every rectangle. You can use chain sewing technique, to save time.

Step 4

About 12 cm from the top of the fabric, begin sewing the applique on the right side of half the rectangles, with a decorative stitch and a contrasting thread (I used red thread)

Step 5

Cut out 25 strips of ribbon (15 cm long)

Step 6

Pair all the rectangles right side together.
Insert one strip of ribbon in every longer side of paired rectangles, at about 4 cm from the top of the fabric, raw sides together, making sure the strip is parallel to the upper side of the fabric.

Step 7

Sew 3 sides of the paired rectangles, starting from one longer side, with 1 cm seam allowance, Make sure you won’t catch the rest of the ribbon in the sewing.

Step 8

Flatten both sides of the sachet, finger pressing the triangle you have made and sew a stitch at 7 mm from the top of the triangle, back-stitching at the beginning and at the end. Cut the upper side of the triangle at about 5 mm from sewing. Turn the sachet to the right side.

Step 9

Only for even numbered sachets, sew the handle: attach a strip of red ribbon on both sides of the upper edge of the sachet.

Step 10

Stuff the sachets with lovely cards, poetries, stickers, chocolate gifts, candies or other swets of your choices. Hang up the thick twine in place and pin up the sachet with the decorative clothes pins.