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As someone rightly pointed out, September is the true New Year .
Moment in which, even more than earlier this year, we focus on the good intentions of new projects on different attitudes.

September for us in the family, is particularly rich in changes : a son who will make the jump to the elementary school, another who will begin the third class, the dreaded third, in which, it is said , he began to study seriously, with a lot of lessons to be repeated!
For another September will be the month in which definitively abandon the stage of infant and starts getting more of the daily rhythms from their rhythmic inclinations and taste of the game, and last but not least, the routine of school older brothers.

It ‘also the month of my (partial for now) return to work: an important time of growth for all of us, in which I put to the test again and experiment on what terms is possible to reconcile the different areas and the different roles of my personal and family life.

After the birth of baby in February, actually this is the first time when everyone in the family, rushes towards new challenges to conquer new balance outside of our family .

Nothing can guarantee that the result will be entirely positive. None of us can be sure that their forecasts of mind, their rational calculations, that their expectations illusory, have any hope of matching with the reality of the facts. And that each of us is actually ready for the leap that awaits him.

I’ll be fine in the new school? Will I be able to learn many new things? Will I be able to still be a good mother? We made the right decision for our family? We will nevertheless a happy family

These are the questions that haunt these days in our souls as we speak, and quarrel, while we watch each other without being noticed.

To these questions we did not answer yet. We are on the edge and wait for the time to jump.
But one thing is certain: that there will never be a right time for this, a time when we will be better prepared, in which we will be more sure of ourselves or we will be ready.

Sometimes you have to take off and let it teach us how to open your wings and learn to fly.

And maybe understand that those obstacles that seemed insurmountable are then overcome and feasible, and instead discover that what we thought was rather exciting and challenging for anything in line with their values and their dreams.

What is certain is that much of what we have experienced until now, in this summer ‘long, full, adventurous, exciting, and in other ways extremely difficult and tiring, soon will be completely different.

Why change is the only real constant in our lives and to oppose it or fear it, not serves to distort our true essence and impoverishing the sense of our passage in this life.

“… Because I do not hope, I have faith.” writes a great poet of our times.

Then choose to store again at the top of my questions and those of my loved ones. I choose to rely on the infinite knowledge our little snarls soul and look confident that the reality of the facts illuminate the horizon that is already looming before us.

Baby led weaning… without fear!

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Some time ago, during the monthly visit from our small, historic, pediatrician, I brought the book dr. Lucio Piermarini, just arrived. I read just a few pages, and also on the basis of other information and suggestions found in network , I immediately felt a certain harmony with the approach of the Umbrian pediatrician, I feel full of common sense and thankfully full humble that some crazed doctors usually lack of.

But, as I have already weaned children of two (one of which is allergic) to old way following the directions of my pediatrician, I thought to take with us to visit the book and ask the opinion my doctor.

Frankly, then I was almost forgetting, but when she began to speak, to my great surprise, I immediately pulled out the book and not just the doctor told me I would be pleased if we were d ‘ agreement to proceed with the , but that the book knew him well, as the Piermarini was a colleague and great friend for many years.

So, long story short, now in the final return from our holidays, we are in the midst of this new adventure, hailed by many and that, while not as revolutionary as some may think, is teaching us a lot of new things and most importantly there is by retroactively reflect also on the two previous experiences.

To means, in short, a more direct way and not medicalized the power to introduce solid foods in infants.
This approach involves several factors:

1. there a defining moment that set me the autosvezzamento , usually begins after signs of the child such as the ability to sit alone and grasp objects with intention and expressed interest , curiosity and active participation to the foods we consume the rest of the family. All this is happening statistically around the sixth month of life, but every child is different.

2. overcome the fateful sequences food introduction : There is no need to place the food spread from month to month. For example: first the carrot, then the zucchini, then the potato … and so on until the driving license , but we try to propose a simple and natural food in a manner similar to those of the rest family, going to tastings and Setting yourself according to your taste, curiosity and the natural inclination of the individual child.

But what was wrong with the old method ” … So do me a lady with broth …” that I have personally used with success until about 6 years ago? Credited by some medical studies, mostly from northern Europe, where there is a high rate of children allergic to cod, one of the protein foods more readily available in these parts, it was discovered that the pursuit of a more gentle and less rigid, it helps a lot to trigger the baby’s immune system mechanisms that facilitate the eventual immunization to foods that is potentially intolerant or allergic.
The autosvezzamento fact, not imposed on food fossilizzandosi pediatric tables, but founded on the variety of tastes and early introduction of many varieties of food available for human consumption, has statistically reduced substantially childhood allergies and, not least, and this is my addition, reported the kitchen to be a welcoming and open, rather than a cold and aseptic chemical laboratory allowing mothers to take off his coat and put on the apron again.

For our part, with the experience of their first child, we discovered at the time of weaning may be allergic to cow’s milk protein, had already guessed (on his skin and his bronchi unfortunately!) That the definitive expulsion of the offending food was the long term strategy of all bankruptcy:

– First, because we’re both parents instinctively suspicious and reluctant to fundamentalism, even in the food.

– Because as we both got to understand, through direct experience, the reactions of our son in contact with food allergens changed from day to day and so his immune system, indeed, were almost as if diminishing over time threshold of tolerance was raising progressively by itself.

– And, finally, because, as a result, we documented outside of academic courses of conceited luminaries , and we found that according to medical studies now highly popular abroad and arrived the ears of and medical smart , it was proved that totally remove allergens from the diet of children with allergies, does nothing but in the long run, to raise awareness further the body to these allergens. A controlled and planned reintroduction of allergenic foods then, under appropriate medical supervision, thus helping the body to overcome allergies and fortify themselves against any other allergen sources.

At this point, it may well be argued that the autosvezzamento has provided us with many assurances that we were finally following a path dictated primarily by common sense .
The autosvezzamento in fact comes from a heritage of our ancestors, who gave the kids are not genetically modified meals, prepared with flour-made baby food bionic, but simply adapted what was on the table (simple food, wholesome, seasonal and prepared with natural methods) allle chewing and digestive capacity of the smallest: sminuzzandolo, tritandolo, pounding, and, why not, sometimes pre-chewing.
Use this method has so many advantages, including the right to engage immediately in the small family meals and make him share in life together, from the point of view of practical and psychological, among other things, helps a lot serenity family .

But there is, in my opinion, however, a great danger to be avoided: the tendency for us heirs of those ancestors, for we know that we return to Nature after rationalization, dangerously ‘theoretical those practices that were once completely spontaneous and sincere, to channel everything, even in good faith, in codified rules to follow blindly without wondering in the meantime our beautiful why. That is not that adapt those principles to our experience unique and unrepeatable .
And ‘here, then, coming back again dance in the ancient and atavistic concept of common sense.
And therefore that, in spite of some purists , I use the blender or food processor to reduce cream rice and boiled vegetables (intestinal gas and my previous two have never suffered so it also seems the little one!) and I do not inflict corporal punishment if for once my son does not eat fish organic, but that of the local market. And what if I make the broth for the small is not said that to force the rest of the family should eat soup for dinner for the next 365 days, or that the puppy should strive to eat pasta with tomato chopped when drooling at the sight of a nice grated apple and lemon juice.

Doing so be careful not to get caught up too carried away by the temptations of this kind of fundamentalist heritage, aspects that, in my opinion, are absolutely extraordinary and commendable approach of dell’autosvezzamento are others:

– The autosvezzamento focuses his attention on listening and observation children , instead of doctors and theories written on obsolete tables pediatric.

– The autosvezzamento integrates solid food and breast milk on an ongoing basis and not competitive or, even worse, substitute: my son at this stage to eat a certain amount of baby food and after a while ‘still wants his feeding.

– The autosvezzamento is a method, so to speak, slow food as this requires that parents or for them, to come to the center before the time of the child, rather than planning aimed at adult needs (introduction to the nest, back to work …). But it is an approach to power that still has on his side a huge flexibility and ability to adapt to situations different from each other.
In fact,

– The autosvezzamento presupposes and supports the achievement of a certain laxity parental : No more neuroses and fears by inserting food and performance anxiety.

But above all the autosvezzamento highlights the value of anthropological and social importance for all of us the power.
Why fact wean is not only the child but the whole family around him in our case is an experience that involves all in a postitiva, helping, With her approach, respectful and tolerant, with the underlying thought that it inevitably brings with it, to know ourselves better, to respect and to join even more.

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Departures and returns

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We now come to the end of our holiday in Austria.

Like last year, we did not want to leave these wonderful places.
But, even more than last year, this was a wonderful holiday full of friends, new acquaintances, adventures, nature, civilization respectful, fun, good food, friendliness, insights and new horizons to explore.

Let’s go home satisfied and filled from the experience. Ready to get back on the bike with new enthusiasm and many resolutions to be put in place immediately.

During this holiday we mainly served the comparison with others living with people of different cultures has given us a way to look up away people personally and understand, especially at this time rather psychologically challenging for our family, what are the areas on which we need to invest in the educational task with the children and where they leave them free to follow their impulses.

It ‘s like this holiday and distances where we started, they gave me the chance to see it better, from’ of these high alps, what is a priority in my role as wife and mother.

First of all, I still firmly believe in the use of gentleness, kindness and respect for the needs of children as a conditio sine qua non of the parent-child relationship.

But I think also that I have a strong need to give communication , with my whole family, a priority value.

Communication not only and not so much verbal, but of empathy, presence, listening, physical contact, time to spend alone with each of them individually and time to spend together.

As a parent, the ‘ education of my children, remains always an’ other priority. Which we intend true education, which is that which is performed through the living example given to us parents. And then, requires on our part, the consistency in our choices and our behavior.

Only from these premises can come true obedience : understood as the trust placed in us children of our parents. A ‘obedience that comes from fear, punishment, blackmail or some strategy, but by the absolute certainty of being loved and understood by their parents, with whom you share the same values.

To make room for these priorities are likely to be less than many of my illusions of perfection, especially organizational. But it is a price that is worth paying, partly because the time has come to abandon gradually the attitude control in many cases hindered a relationship completely honest, relaxed and genuine with my loved ones.

In addition, important aspect, support positions too rigid, sometimes does nothing but instill in children the feeling that I do not riponga sufficient confidence in their abilities.

Are then experiences like this, like this holiday in Austria, more than a thousand books and a thousand words, can help us understand the importance of living with awareness and focus on the this time .

In the end, what matters most to the children immensely, as has happened to us as children, are the experiences of life shared with our parents, our family, of any kind they are

How so I want to be remembered by my children? What image emotional impression that I want to leave in their souls?

These are the real questions that you should try to ripondere every day. This is the drive that should guide our choices, supporting our decisions, overcome our laziness and dispel our doubts newspapers.

Our task as parents, a task entrusted to us with love and trust by those who have visions immensely wider than we will have a day irrimedibilmente, an end.

So that it is honored, every day, in the best way.

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