Walking with the children

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Walking in the mountains with children can be a real ‘challenging experience if you do not align their expectations of the special needs of adult children.

At the same time, however, children can surprise us, showing us how much perseverance, stamina and vitality can be capable of if only storing enough confidence in them.

For some years now we face long walks in the mountains with our children and, consistent with age, the difficulty of the course and familiarity with walking, so far we have always been able to enjoy walking several kilometers, never repent of our choice.

Certainly the whims never fail, especially when fatigue begins to be felt.

But do not get discouraged: the children have on their side the great ability to easily recharge your energy, both physical and psychological.

Hence some small suggestions that, in our experience, help us to prevent and address the most of their understandable moments of boredom or discomfort during long trips:

  • empathize with children without being dramatic: make them understand that it is normal to feel tired and we great we are, but that fatigue can have a taste if positive view of the aim of achieving great places to unwind and have fun.
  • have a snack of fruit or a small sandwich, crackers or biscuits. And of course quantities of water.
  • sing songs or tell rhymes.
  • tell a story aloud
  • invent a quiz challenge like this: “Do you know animals?”
  • organize children between shifts leader of the pack
  • search for insects, traces of forest animals, flowers or leaves details and photograph them.

Through some of these small distractions, our children can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, and most can enjoy the invigorating pleasure of having many more miles of ground many (lazy!) adults.

Good walks to all!

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