Companions on the journey

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The mountain allows us to do a completely different experience than what most of us are accustomed to do in everyday life.
These experiences, if used in the right way, can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Among them, there is one that I consider really special and that is the magic instinctively understanding that is established with strangers, which happen to share the road occasionally.

Maybe the trouble or needs to communicate to others the thrill of being in front of so vast landscapes, the omnipotence of nature, but to get to know the mountains seems to be far easier than elsewhere.

Happens then to acquire with little effort and without too much shyness familiar and easy to be comfortable with people from diverse places, from every nation, from different cultures and share in a short time with their secrets and thoughts of my own.

This exchange of words and emotions, often stimulated by some direct questions, that only in these situations, we can afford the luxury of doing, because contrary to that ‘ label that living in society requires us silently, help on the one hand to feel more intimately connected with the other and the other side to make a small budget and also their emotions, as in a sort of stream of consciousness.

And then you find yourself to be open with sincerity, breaking down the walls of reluctance behavioral, then you realize in retrospect, limited so strongly in our daily life contact not only with others but also with ourselves.

Most of the time it is fleeting encounters, because very soon the streets will be divided and each will continue on another path, pursuing different goals, walking with steps and different rhythms.

And it is perhaps for this reason that there is allowed to open up to others without hesitation, knowing that they were enriched inside a human experience of great value.

In the photo, a meeting of mountain and I Lia, an Italian-German woman of great human.

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