Departures and returns

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We now come to the end of our holiday in Austria.

Like last year, we did not want to leave these wonderful places.
But, even more than last year, this was a wonderful holiday full of friends, new acquaintances, adventures, nature, civilization respectful, fun, good food, friendliness, insights and new horizons to explore.

Let’s go home satisfied and filled from the experience. Ready to get back on the bike with new enthusiasm and many resolutions to be put in place immediately.

During this holiday we mainly served the comparison with others living with people of different cultures has given us a way to look up away people personally and understand, especially at this time rather psychologically challenging for our family, what are the areas on which we need to invest in the educational task with the children and where they leave them free to follow their impulses.

It ‘s like this holiday and distances where we started, they gave me the chance to see it better, from’ of these high alps, what is a priority in my role as wife and mother.

First of all, I still firmly believe in the use of gentleness, kindness and respect for the needs of children as a conditio sine qua non of the parent-child relationship.

But I think also that I have a strong need to give communication , with my whole family, a priority value.

Communication not only and not so much verbal, but of empathy, presence, listening, physical contact, time to spend alone with each of them individually and time to spend together.

As a parent, the ‘ education of my children, remains always an’ other priority. Which we intend true education, which is that which is performed through the living example given to us parents. And then, requires on our part, the consistency in our choices and our behavior.

Only from these premises can come true obedience : understood as the trust placed in us children of our parents. A ‘obedience that comes from fear, punishment, blackmail or some strategy, but by the absolute certainty of being loved and understood by their parents, with whom you share the same values.

To make room for these priorities are likely to be less than many of my illusions of perfection, especially organizational. But it is a price that is worth paying, partly because the time has come to abandon gradually the attitude control in many cases hindered a relationship completely honest, relaxed and genuine with my loved ones.

In addition, important aspect, support positions too rigid, sometimes does nothing but instill in children the feeling that I do not riponga sufficient confidence in their abilities.

Are then experiences like this, like this holiday in Austria, more than a thousand books and a thousand words, can help us understand the importance of living with awareness and focus on the this time .

In the end, what matters most to the children immensely, as has happened to us as children, are the experiences of life shared with our parents, our family, of any kind they are

How so I want to be remembered by my children? What image emotional impression that I want to leave in their souls?

These are the real questions that you should try to ripondere every day. This is the drive that should guide our choices, supporting our decisions, overcome our laziness and dispel our doubts newspapers.

Our task as parents, a task entrusted to us with love and trust by those who have visions immensely wider than we will have a day irrimedibilmente, an end.

So that it is honored, every day, in the best way.

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