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In these silent places, there is time and opportunity to be able to find your own voice, speak often left alone, muffled by the noise too of everyday life.

In these places, then, each of us in the family, finds a way to reconnect with themselves and with their real needs, deep.

Not always, this means for all of us automatically in a feeling of well-being.
For some of us, in fact, this process can be characterized as a time of distress, in which the inner voice can be heard screaming in anger and arrogance, showing all those who are near their dissent and its distance.

On the other hand the voice communicates with repetitive signals and obsessive, a clear will to alienate, to be somewhere else, away from others but also from themselves, however always distant.

C ‘is those who, tired of observing and responding to the needs of others, still feels heavier the burden of responsibility, and demands for at least some time to focus on your inner voice alone without interference and quietly listen and give space to recharge.

There are some who feel like every time he returns to breathe this clear, that the sense of urgency is to sit at the feet and observe.

In this limbo of peace and quiet, feels that the confusion of signs, symptoms, emotions more than ever lately has not been able to unravel, now have some possibility of being able to at least be considered.

Or that this distance, made up of all the distances that each of us puts another in our family for some time now, we can have at least a clear and sharp awareness.

Even without the pretense, at least for the moment, to change the situation.

But with the strong confidence to place their hope in inner landscapes taller, wider and wider.
And immensely merciful.

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