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There is something unusual in some friends to attend their child’s school, here on holiday in the Austrian mountains.

In fact you can make some surprising discoveries, such as being more at ease with them, far from home and the common points of reference.

You may find that you have a lot more to talk about than the usual ones that intavolano almost automatically in the schoolyard: the class, the teachers, the principal, tasks, gifts for the holidays and so on.

We will exchange smiles the most authentic and most sincere words when circumstances do not require framing of meetings between sessions of rugby and one of judo, including a lunch with the family and a birthday dinner.

Here in the mountains, it is true, many friendships can be tested by the different vacation ideas that each family brings with it: there is a family of “early bird catches the worm” and the one who prefers to linger in bed a little ‘, at least when on vacation, there is one who loves good food and what search of adventure hiking.

Much difference playing field of the education of children: some exercises more control and those who prefer to loosen the rope more, who loves being surrounded by children and those who conceived the holiday divided into two parallel paths: that of the great and that of children.

Many of these different attitudes can strongly affect even long-standing friendships, friendships that hold good over the rhythms of everyday life.

This was not our case: children’s games, food, beer, breathtaking views, meadows and walks allowed us, in just two intense days, to know more, and see that he still wants to know better return for our children to school.
And maybe even earlier.

Not only that, this time, to talk about tasks and birthday parties.

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