Homemade hazelnut chocolate cream

Everybody likes chocolate cream….and my children do as well.

For a long time, one of my most challenging cooking struggles has been feeding them mindfully and thoughtfully without making them feel the “About a boy” syndrome (do you remember that the mother “healthy” homemade bread was thrown in the park lake by her child and killed the duck?)

For me, one of the foods that can emblematically embrace the wise compromise between “healthy” and “social convenience” is Nutella.

So, proud to fight the system, I let my children eat … our own version of it!

It all begun as an interesting experiment, but I can tell, since that day, that chocolate cream has become our favorite, overtaking the most widespread one!

So this is “my” version:

[gmc_recipe 1975]

It’s been told it could last more than 15-20 days, if well refrigerated…but somehow we don’t know by our own experience!