My babycarrying Mei Tai

After the reading of this interesting Italian book on maternage and having heard so much around the web, I have been intrigued by the art of babycarrying, all those trans-cultural practices of carrying babies on our own body, with the help of several kind of supports.

Mostly with my second child, since he was 6 months old, I frequently used a baby carrier in specific situations. Indeed, recently I read about the pros about slings and baby-wraps (although they require some time to get used to) because of their flexibility, their less bulky aspect, their user-friendly and their help on adapting to the physiologic needs of both the carrier an the carried person.

In fact, I have discovered that baby-carrying is highly recommended from birth and it entails lots of benefits both for the child and the mother.
As wisely tells FrancescaBetween parent and child, grows a deep high contact -relationship. Detachment from the mom happens more smoothly because the baby feels safe and is absorbed since birth in parents’ world, in which he is plunged with all his senses.”

That’s why baby-carrying, as wisely tells Esther Weber, author of the italian book Portare i piccoli (Carrying babies):”It’s a respectful and particularly appropriate approach in parents-children relationship, mostly in western societies“.

According to lots of recent studies, recently expressed in Italy by Alessandra Bortolotti: carried babies, cry less, because their needs of closeness with their mothers are easily supported and their trust in the relationship grows faster, helping them to be sooner independent.

Baby-carrying, just for its inner close contact between mother and child, helps communication and builds mom-baby relationship faster, easing the continuum from inner to outer-gestation. So, it’s really helpful on overcoming birth shock, mostly in case of c-sections, premature birth, twins or difficult deliveries in general. Also, the sling offers containment and protection to the child as he felt while in uterus, also stimulating balance and body development.

Baby-carrying is comfortable, convenient, money-saving, eco-friendly and sustainable.

But also, as well is written here : “The aim of carrying isn’t in the purposes we long to obtain (less crying children or more comfortable moms, or stimulated children) , […] what really counts is closeness. From this closeness comes out all the benefits of baby carrying, that are the effects of love.”

And also Francesca underlines that: “Using the sling isn’t just fashion, but a choice, a sort of educational pattern: in our society we tend to teach our children to become emotionally independent from parents; with the sling indeed, parents are forced to adapt themselves to baby’s needs, being present and giving them safeness just when they are more vulnerable.

There are several supports you can choose. A friend brought me her baby-wrap I am longing to use, meanwhile, waiting for the baby to come, I sewed a Mei Tai, the Chinese baby carrier, that can be used in different assets from birth, too.

I sewed 2 versions: the quilted one, suitable for winter months (on the left of the picture above, the flower printed fabric) and the simple version (on the right of the picture).

I used this tutorial that is the Italian translation of this one, that I see is no longer available online, but you can easily download the original pattern in English from the Italian blog.

To understand what is a Mei Tai and how to use it, you can also refer here where there are lots of pictures on how wearing it.

Anyway, you can search on the web to easily find tons of info, reflections and tutorials on the use of different kind of baby-carriers, slings, baby-wraps and on the meaning of baby-carrying in general.

What do you think about the topic?
Please fell free to share your personal thoughts and experience in the comments below.