Our own Montessori calendar

It’s been a while I have been thinking about an idea for a calendar suitable for kids.
I mean one that could allow them, even pre-schoolers, to reach simply and directly, the ultimate sense of time and seasons passing by.

Especially now that school has just started, it seems so useful for kids to know which is the season of the year, which kind of day (schoolday or weekend ) they are in and what their daily schedule will be about.

As many of the Italian pedagogist’s discoveries, the Montessori calendar, helps children, with simplicity and intuition, in taking direct part in the passage of time.
Its image-oriented asset, makes it accessible to different ages and various children developments. For instance, in our family, it’s usable by both of my children, the preschooler and the 7 aged.
In addition, for its own inner conception, it’s widely customizable , according to every family’s different needs.

After having taken inspiration from several examples like this,  we made our own version.

I have soon noticed that my children were instantly involved in this calendar project, especially because according to its own purpose, it has helped them in developing security and focus on future, present and past flowing of time and in recognizing the substantial difference between what has happened, what is happening now and what is expecting them in their next future.
Also, Montessori calendar is becoming very useful as a tool for helping them to develop some useful skills to plan for their wishes and expectations, making them feel in charge of their choices and not simply mere followers of parents’ decisions.
Meanwhile, we, as parents, are learning a new way to plan and enrich our family time with quality projects and mindful activities.

That’s why the Montessori calendar is becoming a new, stimulating and fun way for collecting family memories. A time we are proud to live with mindfulness and intentionality.