Tutorial: our own Montessori calendar

That’s our own version of the Montessori Calendar:

What you need:

  • A cork chalkboard and pins
  • Papers and printer for drawings, letters or clipboards
  • Transparent adhesive paper

First, you need to make the calendar permanent grid. I made one tracing 7 columns : 1 row of 7 5.5 x3 cm rectangles and 5 rows of 7 x 3 cm rectangles on a piece of cardboard, then I have glued the days of the week only on the first row. I have taped it with plastic adhesive paper and attached on the cork chalkboard with glazier’s points.
Then, we have printed out the single days of the current month and attached on the grid by one pin for each day.

We have cut 7 pieces of green cardboard for making the single days of the week pockets and made 3 different sticks (one with the sign today, one with tomorrow and one with yesterday) using some sticky tape and a straw.

On the left side of the calendar, we have printed out and attached permanent signs as “year”, “season”, today the weather is”, “today is” (school or free day), “today we’re doing” , “the 12 months of the year”.
My children had fun drawing the different re-usable signs such as activities, seasons, months, weather, to attach daily on the calendar. For instance, my kids draw a bike for free days and a backpack for school days and some of our current afternoon activities are judo, cooking, free play, friends, party, playground and so on.


It’s been a fun and stimulating project for all of us, I do hope it will be the same for you!