What will next year bring?

New year, time of reviews and projects!

Personally, the year is coming to end, has been one of my bests.

Beyond stars’ favour (didn’t you know 2011 was a great year for cancers?), looking back I can see that mostly was due to having spent enough time on visualizing and envision my priorities and my missions.

Actually it has been a 1-year-long attitude and it has really helped me on clarify the what and how of my several projects and visions.
Only after this brainstorming approach, I had been really able to focus on the concrete steps of my path.

I know myself as a person whose life needs, for her own physical and psychological sake, a clear plan. A plan I am actually able to follow with determination and consistency.

But during this year I have discovered as well that too much productivity can really challenge my inner calmness and undermine my mood.

In fact, as many mothers , perfectionism is my personal enemy. And what perfectionism usually does to me is making my days more a matter of erasing tasks from a to-do list than focusing on what really matters in my life as a mother, wife and individual.

Moreover, I am, of course, never able to reach the perfection I seek. And that leads me inevitably to feel depressed, discouraged and guilty.

Being pregnant has pushed me to going deeper in finding a way to cope with this insane way of thinking. I have realized that I was living too much importance to my thoughts and to my expectations without being able to be grateful for the life I live.

Inevitably, my main dare for the new year is approaching by, will consist on the arrival of our third baby boy that will surely be a revolution in our settled family life.

Then, one of my most important issues would be for me practicing the concreteness of my organization skills and contemporaneously adapting them to seeking a new family balance, with an attitude of patience and compassion towards each other.

I can say it will be mostly about finding the meeting point between productivity and real life, between plans and flexibility, between prefixed thoughts and what Byron Katie calls “Falling in love with reality”, that is quality of living where inner peace flows from a non-judging dwelling in the present moment.

Once I have read a sentence that I still keep in mind and that goes something like this: “Living both the length and the width of life“.
Then, that’s what I am longing to accomplish during next year: conquering this new dimension of width, in which the present would be a prior value.
Undoubtedly, with 3 small kids in the house, this would be a real challenge!!!

But at the same time, I am now more aware about the fact that my kids could actually begin to be, now more than ever, my Zen Masters, as Sarah Napthali puts it.

In fact, just after having made a shift in my way of thinking and embracing the fullness of reality, I can see clearly my children actually continuously tickle me, allowing me to abandon rigid schematic approaches and perfectionist rationalities and instead they force me to give my complete attention to the fullness of the moment and to the awareness of listening and accepting reality just as it is.

And you?
How about the year is over?
Which are your plans and resolutions for the new year?

Please, feel free to share them in the comments below.
Happy new year!!!